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Regulator goes ahead with simplification of energy regulatory framework

Key amendments to the Code of Distribution Systems are to enter into force on June 1st, 2021:


Distribution Systems Operators (DSO) are obliged to properly publish and update the information on provision of grid connection services in separate “Grid Connection” section of their official websites

Grid Connection Agreements (GCA) are morphed into adhesion contracts – customers accede thereto without actual signing of GCA by means of paying a retainer fee.

Fixed terms of GCA, including those related to grid connection services delivery time frame. Any amendments to GCA are to be carefully planned and reasonably initiated by DSO

each DSO is obliged to maintain and update public electronic register of valid Technical Conditions for Grid Connection (TC)

Simplification of Applying Procedure

List of supporting documents to be attached to application for grid connection is reduced.

Proofs of identity, property titles and extracts from the topographic geodetic plan are replaced with indication of relevant data from electronic databases and electrical points

More Changes to Come

starting from July 1st, 2021, an identifier is to be automatically assigned to each TC. Identifier (a unique charset) shall, inter alia, contain information about reference numbers of TC and issuing DSO, date of TC issuance and amendment, type of electric plant and its connection

starting from September 1st, 2021, each DSO is obliged to ensure accessibility on its official website of online calculator for determination of fee for grid connection services. Online calculator shall be technically integrated with geodetic information system and data on valid grid connection rates

relevant committee of the Parliament in cooperation with the Regulator have developed the draft Law No. 5009 aimed at:

simplification of procedures on land allotment for energy facilities;

decrease of time expenditures for grid connection;

implementation of “one-stop shop” for communication (including filing of applications and requests), obtainment of relevant information and initial design data, project documentation approval;

establishment of liability for failure of competent officials to properly approve project documentation.

We keep on tracking the developments of relevant regulations. Stay tuned for further updates